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Nomenclature means the devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline. In simple terms, we can help you figure out the best name for your company. Name selection is not as easy as it once was. We make sure your domain name is available and also secure your domain if it is. We brainstorm with you and for you to get to the best name possible describing your business or service. We love the process of boiling it all down to perfection!

Brand Design

Creating a logo or brand takes patience and persistence. Sometimes it can be created in a few minutes, sometimes it takes months, you never know exactly how it will come together but when it does–it’s magic! Creative Ideology specializes in branding and logo creation. We have branded major companies around town and across the country. Let us brainstorm the perfect mark for your business. The one you can build your brand behind. We take care of all the technical things making sure it works in all mediums and in any situation. We also create a Graphic Manual for you to follow after the brand is approved. This way you can continue using your brand confidently, and it will always look professional.

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