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Front-End Design

Creative Ideology has experience designing complex custom websites for clients. We have been involved from collecting the information, devising a structure, content creation, layout and styling. We also have designed original responsive designs for websites developed in different content management systems (CMS) that include Drupal, Ruby on Rails and, PHP based systems. This makes us able to communicate client needs to developers and speak the same language.

In our experience, the bulk of the work that goes into a website is done prior to development. Taking care of content, imagery and figuring out what functionality is really needed, can cut down the cost of development significantly. It allows developers to give a more accurate quote to build your website since they have the plans of what you need. No surprises makes developers very happy.

Wordpress Development

We specialize in template based WordPress sites. This is a popular PHP-based content management system with an easy to use interface. It allows us to create custom branded websites using an extensive library of templates that cut down the cost of custom development. These professional responsive templates have all the functionality needed to create beautiful websites quickly and are easy to manage.  And with our professional graphic design capabilities, you can end up with a top-of-the-line website for a fraction of a completely custom option. Best of all, if you can use Word you can edit your website! WordPress comes with an easy to use interface and gives you the ability to edit your own content with very little training.



We want to learn your story in order to understand your needs, so we include working meetings where we find out about your products, what are your pain points, and what your goals are. We get a better understanding of what content you will need to communicate your services or products to your clients. Device a plan of action to get the right copy, images, and illustrations you will need to fill your website with meaningful information.


All that information we discovered needs to live somewhere in your website. Creating a web architecture gives you a general idea for a plan of action. It also starts the conversation about functionality, what information we have and what is needed.

Content Outline

Following the architecture, we create a content outline so you know what information is going to be needed. We gather existing information and decide if it stays, goes or needs to be created. We often create a central document where we gather all the information so it can be edited and corrected before placing into the website.


Armed with the content, we now create simplified layouts without imagery to figure out where that content will live on the page. Will we need a side bar? Or where do we put the call to action? All those things are planned and functionality is thought out so there are no surprises during development. We also find out where we need photos, icons or illustrations to better explain the content.


Here is when we finally start crafting a layout incorporating the clients brand, colors and nuisances that make your website unique. We create the sliders, put together copy with images and give your website a polished and professional look.

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