Parlec Catalog

Project Details

The Parlec catalog project consisted of reorganizing the charts in a way that we could import changes done online to the printed catalog. This led to less errors because the content had been already approved online and did not need re-keying which always led to many errors. I created the new charts in inDesign using their chart feature and pre-designing templates so with just a few clicks you would have all charts follow the same look.

I also used InDesign book feature to break the 300+ page catalog into product sections so the catalog could be worked on by various designers at the same time while maintaining the ability to print the whole book from one file.

Parlec has been able to reuse the template of this catalog through many other printed pieces. Able to use sections of the catalog and reformatting it into smaller catalogs.

  • Client: Parlec
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development