Hammer Packaging – Print Ads

Hammer needed to make a splash. Their print ads were falling flat and not generating the attention they wanted. They felt their clients only saw them as label printers and they did so much more than that. They described themselves as Package Decorators when we went to the first getting-to-know-you meeting. This led me to think of the pride they felt at what they did. Their passion was palpable. So, while looking for images to use in their advertising, I came across this guy who basically had the correct attitude between pride and not taking himself too seriously that just clicked. Needless to say, Hammer got it too and  the ads were a hit. They had customers asking them to work with the guy on the ad.

We followed up the Hammer Guy campaign with the Hammer Girl who also embodied their passion, and was playful enough, to generate attention in the print magazines they were advertising in. The ads kept getting the attention we wanted and Hammer started to see a good return on investment by hiring us to do their advertising. Everyone was pleased.