Hammer Packaging Holiday Animation 2015

Project Details

Hammer Packaging came calling again for a new idea for a Holiday card. We talked about the general idea which centered around “packaging that needed no wrapping”. In the past, the holiday card did not have any story line. I thought it would be more memorable to make it into a funny mini-story and centered on the story line of tired elves visiting Hammer, asking for that “packaging that needed no wrapping”. The idea was presented to Hammer in a low resolution gif with my own acting and voice over, and they loved it! We went ahead with production right away. Hammer even got a great voice over talent to read the story, which gave it a finishing touch. Selecting music and effect sounds was next, then taking it to a great animator to do the finishing touches completed the project.

I tested the animation with my BNI networking group and they laughed in all the right places, I knew then we had a winner!  The animation was meant to be simple and fun which focused the viewers attention on the story being told. It was a great success for Creative Ideology and Hammer Packaging.

  • Client: Hammer Packaging
  • Tasks: Concept, Design, Creative Direction & Project Management