Charisma Yacht Brochure

Project Description

The owner of Charisma wanted to be able to charter his boat to an upscale clientele. I put together not only the custom die design of the brochure, which allowed them lock the brochure with a sliding enclosure so they could put spec sheets inside, but had to plan the on-site photo shoot, hire photographer and models and also get all the items needed to style the photos. Things like umbrellas, bathing suits, food, you name it. The photo shoot was held in the Bahamas on a secluded beach. It was a challenging shoot but at the same time it was a lot of fun. I have always liked photography but enjoyed more the styling of it rather than taking the photo itself.

Project Details

  • Client: Charisma Yacht
  • Tasks: Concept, Design, & Production
  • Photography: On Site Photo Styling, Casting & Photo Direction
  • Logistics: Transportation, Food and Location Scouting