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SEI Design Group Branding

SEI Design Group Brand Refresh!

SEI Design group and Creative Ideology had been working on this new brand refresh since last year and they finally unveiled their new brand at an industry trade show a week or so ago so we can now show everyone.

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Distinct Strategies LLC is now LIVE!

Distinct Strategies LLC is a leadership development company started by Gerard Wenzke of Rochester, NY. Gerry, as I now call him, came to us needing a new website so he could market himself to younger CEO’s that are web savvy. He knew his old website was not going to cut it in the mobile arena these new CEO’s were navigating in, so he came to Creative Ideology to get a new responsive website. Gerry not only ended up updating his website to a great new look but also updated his brand and a new way to talk about his services!

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Branding Trillium Health While at Archer

I was very happy my logo design was selected for the rebranding of Aids Care to Trillium Health. Here is a story published at Archer about the work that went into the branding. I love what Trillium does and I worked closely with them during the creation of their Annual Report. 

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