Night Skiing

I went night skiing once 8 years ago when I was still a newbie at the whole skiing experience. I admit, I was scared. Never having skied as a kid in high school, like most kids around here, it didn’t give me any nostalgia. I was cold. I couldn’t see well. The weird shadows the trees made in the snow, with the funky lights, made the terrain hard to figure out in my untrained eyes. I didn’t have the right equipment and we were still training our daughter to ski, so I was in full Mom mode and couldn’t relax. I got to say, I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. To the point that I never skied at night… until this year.

My friend convinced me to go. So I did. What a difference! Wow! I was amazed how much fun it was. The night was beautiful, I had the right equipment. My goggles were for night time. The kind that light up the night with the yellow lenses. I am also a lot better skier than I was back then and was not phased by anything. It was an amazing experience I hope to do again soon.

This year the snow hasn’t been too cooperative so I am hoping for next season to keep going NIGHT SKIING!