Many Costly Directions…

Every month I get this sudden urge to do something different. This may be going kayaking or go camping. Sometimes it is more like, I am going to paint something awesome! I am now investigating how to learn to DJ. I have always had a passion for dance music and love going where the good music is at. So, why not make it myself?

I have always had a passion for learning new things. That is what keeps me going. I am the same way at work. I am always learning something new. Not knowing how to do something does not deter me from trying.

The DJ thing there are actual classes that you can take online… now that I could do. Then comes the equipment… super expensive? probably. But I will certainly find out. I love the internet, every crazy idea at my fingertips.

Oooh wait, there are Rossignol skis I also wanted to look at… and what about that fancy digital camera with the 75-300mm lens? hmm choices, choices… I think I need to win the lotto!!