Minority Business Certification

nmdsc_logoIt took a few tries and a LOT of documentation (even my birth certificate!) but yes, Creative Ideology is now a Certified MBE which stands for Minority Business Enterprise. I don’t know if I consider myself an enterprise but enterprising… yes! I went all the way to NYC for the orientation and got to meet some great people from the NY & NJ Minority Services Development Council (NYNJMSDC how’s that for an acronym?).

michelle-martorell-dba-creative-ideologyBasically this certification opens my little company to be included in opportunities that¬†normally wouldn’t be offered. Large companies are required by law to offer around 30% of projects to minority owned companies. They also do the same for Women Owned companies, which I am also going to be certified at some point.

I do hope being a hispanic woman would finally open some doors for me. I sure hope so. My work and abilities are certainly up to par and it would be exciting to grow my company thanks to this little certificate.