Category: Web Applications

Social Media Users Infographic

This is a great infographic showing how social media is used and by whom. It helps brands decide what will best represent their brand so they can focus their efforts to what works.

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Evolving Website Design

For the first part of my 20-year career as a designer, I had nothing to do with websites. The web, at first, was something weird to me. It seemed too technical and clunky to use before browsers existed. The urge to design websites hit me around 2000 when graphic websites became more mainstream. Once I started to learn about HTML and coding, it became all-consuming. I wanted to learn as much as possible about how to apply my years of graphic design to this new frontier. 

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Productivity on iPad

Truth be told, getting an iPad seemed extravagant. I got a mini for my husband for his travels, and after trying it, I could not live without one myself. At first, I started using the iPad to play games, read books and browse social media. Then, I began doing all my banking and checking my emails, and even reading the news, which led to me canceling my daily newspaper subscription. Slowly but surely, I started to use the iPad all the time for my personal life and my home computer less and less. But work-wise, I still had not found its niche. After doing some research, I found some tips and tricks that make the iPad really useful for both work and play. 

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