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night skiing

Night Skiing

I went night skiing once 8 years ago when I was still a newbie at the whole skiing experience. I admit, I was scared. Never having skied as a kid in high school, like most kids around here, it didn’t give me any nostalgia. I was cold. I couldn’t see well. The weird shadows the trees made in the snow, with the funky lights, made the terrain hard to figure out in my untrained eyes.

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Creative Ideology has a new location!

I am excited to announce our new location at 104 Frankfort Street in the beautiful Rochester Downtown. We are walking distance from High Falls area. We are in a newly remodeled building owned by Webster Properties, who has been renovating the State Street and Jay Street area for some time. They have bought some of the older dilapidated buildings and turning them into awesome spaces for up and coming businesses, as well as established ones.

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Creativity Needs Planning

We often think that creative people are spontaneous types that go with the flow and change plans in an instant… This to me is called “VACATION”. Only on a vacation can I really relax enough to not have a plan. Being a creative by profession means something totally different.

Yes, you have to be creative picking colors or coming up with a design, but these things that seem random do come from somewhere. They are not picked out of the blue. They are all taken from a master plan, which mainly starts with a company’s brand. 

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Many Costly Directions…

Every month I get this sudden urge to do something different. This may be going kayaking or go camping. Sometimes it is more like, I am going to paint something awesome! I am now investigating how to learn to DJ. I have always had a passion for dance music and love going where the good music is at. So, why not make it myself?

I have always had a passion for learning new things. That is what keeps me going. I am the same way at work. I am always learning something new. Not knowing how to do something does not deter me from trying.

The DJ thing there are actual classes that you can take online… now that I could do. Then comes the equipment… super expensive? probably. But I will certainly find out. I love the internet, every crazy idea at my fingertips.

Oooh wait, there are Rossignol skis I also wanted to look at… and what about that fancy digital camera with the 75-300mm lens? hmm choices, choices… I think I need to win the lotto!!