Advertising Excellence Award for Hammer Packaging Karma Ad

I am very proud and happy to announce that Hammer Packaging won an Advertising Excellence Award from Brand Packaging for the ad I designed, while at Archer, for their Karma packaging.

I had worked with Hammer Packaging designing and creating content for their website and power point and came up with the title of “How do you package a great idea?” for their beverage market page. They loved the idea in the title so much they wanted to base their next printed ad on that premise.

We changed the copy around to fit the ads purpose and selected the Karma products, because their packaging was very colorful. The packaging made an impact especially when lined up in the bowling pin line up, created in Photoshop for this ad.

We did use the same idea following the campaign series using the Disney water ball ads which also was well received.

I am very excited about the award and congratulate everyone involved, especially the marketing crew at Hammer Packaging, Charlene McNeil and Ashley Hammer.