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Creativity inspires everything…

Creativity is everywhere. Now more than ever it is present in everything we use and see everyday. To be a Creative Ideologist means you live and breathe creative ideas. Those ideas can be applied to everything, problem solving, talking with a client, meeting new people. It doesn’t matter. We all are are creative individuals in our own way.

At CI, we strive to device creative ideas that help you tell your story in order to reach your audience.

We are experienced in advertising, graphic design, web design, web content generation, web development, SEO, and social media. We can help you create a balanced and strategic approach for your marketing plan.

We can act as an extension of your marketing team. We are not bound by any restrictions on how can we work along side you.

Our goal is to help you discover your message and tell it to the world… beautifully.

Michelle Martorell

Michelle Martorell

Sr. Creative Ideologist


Web Design

Building a website looks easy from afar, but really isn’t. It can be overwhelming. We can help you navigate these choices from start to finish. Tell your story with the professional look you want, to reach your audience today!

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Image is not everything… but putting your best foot forward is! We will create a brand that will tell your story. We can help with naming, tag line and logo and make sure you will look good, across multiple channels to reach your target customer.

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A professional ad campaign can get you places, especially if it is planned in advanced and executed in multiple platforms to reach your audience every way you can. Get the impact, the ROI and the feedback you need to keep wowing your customers!

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Sometimes you are not sure what you need, or where to start. We can put it all into perspective and give you a plan of attack. We know what it takes to create the professional look you strive for and can help you get there in a cost effective manner.

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The Right Image

Choosing the right image is essential in any project. It has to have the right composition, mood, and communicate the message all at once. We have been selecting photography for many years, as well as directing custom photoshoots for that one of a kind shot no one else has. We work with professional photographers that deliver the perfect shot when needed. We also work with 3D artists and modelers to create the perfect presentation for your product.

It only takes one good image to make a sale!

We also offer professional photo editing and special photoshop effects. You need to take that person off the group shot? Most times it can be done.
Need to take 20 lbs off the company president? We can do that too.

We bring the solution to visual problems!

  • Photoshop Special Effects
  • Color Correction

  • Silohuetting Images
  • Advanced Photo Editing
  • 3D Modeling

  • Photo Styling
  • Video Planning


Minority Certification Announcement

Minority Business Certification

nmdsc_logoIt took a few tries and a LOT of documentation (even my birth certificate!) but yes, Creative Ideology is now a Certified MBE which stands for Minority Business Enterprise. I don’t know if I consider myself an enterprise but enterprising… yes! I went all the way to NYC for the orientation and got to meet some great people from the NY & NJ Minority Services Development Council (NYNJMSDC how’s that for an acronym?).

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Portfolio Addition: New look and new website for SEI Design Group

SEI Design Group is a architectural firm recognized by their work in K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Commercial projects. They were getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary and wanted to modernize their brand and website. They met with Michelle Martorell at Creative Ideology and requested that their new brand, needed to have some of the old brand legacy look but with a modern twist.

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SEI Design Group Branding

SEI Design Group Brand Refresh!

SEI Design group and Creative Ideology had been working on this new brand refresh since last year and they finally unveiled their new brand at an industry trade show a week or so ago so we can now show everyone.

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New Creative Ideology Office

Moving to bigger and better things…

Creative Ideology has moved again!

We now are located in a larger office at 1595 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 4. The location is a bit more centric by McQuaid School in Brighton. The new office has a bit more room to add some help and enough room to put a meeting area with a small kitchen.

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Networking can be fun!

When you own your own business and you need to drum up some work… where do you go? NETWORKING!

Networking can be a lot of fun. I recently went to a Mardi Gras inspired networking party at Champlin & Associates. They really go all out and do it all for a good cause.

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night skiing

Night Skiing

I went night skiing once 8 years ago when I was still a newbie at the whole skiing experience. I admit, I was scared. Never having skied as a kid in high school, like most kids around here, it didn’t give me any nostalgia. I was cold. I couldn’t see well. The weird shadows the trees made in the snow, with the funky lights, made the terrain hard to figure out in my untrained eyes.

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Creative Ideology is Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certified
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